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Milestone birthdays are a natural landmark in everyone’s life. They serve both to mark the achievements of the past and set out one’s store for the future.


A milestone birthday is often a great excuse to organize a big party for one's friends, relatives and colleagues, and to give and receive lots of presents.


The gifts given on these occasions are usually more significant than other birthdays. And watches have always been, and will always be, a favorite gift for such an event.  For a serious and successful man, choose something with a classic case, perhaps with some extra features and functions set off in a stylish guilloche pattern.  A person who loves to sail the expanses of the Mediterranean Sea in a modest yacht might prefer a sports model with an ultra-precise chronograph. Ladies always appreciate precious stones on the face and a miniature case. Whatever you choose, never forget that the watch that you give on an occasion such as this should be in keeping with the birthday boy or girl’s social and material status, lifestyle and fashion choices while reflecting and underlining their professional and personal success in life.




Special occasions

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for your significant other? A celebration or an anniversary that you want to remember?
Many occasions are special and unique to consider a watch. Contact us for personal advise.