Memorize the access to the Tourbillon of Lugano on your Smartphone!

How to proceed?

Open the applications menu of your Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile) and seek a QR Reader. Many free applications are at your disposal.

Scan the QR-Code of the Boutique you wish to memorize the address. The access plan will then be posted on your navigator (Maps).


The historic lakeside resort of Lugano is a mix of narrow streets, piazzas and winding alleys with a distinct Italian feel. Deep in the Old Town is Via Nassa with its international designer-label chic and this is where Tourbillon Boutique perfectly and effortlessly fits into this environment.

With its combination of irresistible luxury jewelry and watch collections, the eye catching boutique offers charm, sophistication and a little bit of magic to this captivating town.